About Us

The NZERF was established in 1976 and incorporated as a board in 1981 under the provisions of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.
The aims of the NZERF are;

  • To promote and expand public knowledge regarding the welfare, breeding, feeding, management, health and performance of horses of all types
  • To encourage the study and understanding of horses
  • To promote or assist research and other scientific work in connection with horses
  • To make public the results of research and other scientific work regarding horses
  • To instigate or assist projects relating to the advancement of horses

The NZERF Board consists of two members appointed by New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing, one member appointed by Harness Racing New Zealand, one member appointed by the New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders Association, one member appointed by the New Zealand Standardbred Breeders Association, one member from Massey University, one member from the Equine Branch of the New Zealand Veterinary Association, one member from the New Zealand Racing Board, one member from Equestrian Sport New Zealand, one member from the New Zealand Pony Club Association, and one member representing New Zealand Equine Researchers.

Current members of the NZERF Board are:

Sir Patrick Hogan, KNZM CBE. Cambridge Stud Ltd, Cambridge

Dr Tim Pearce, BVSc, B.Agr.Sc.


Dr Noel Power, BVSc


Dr Margaret J Evans, B.Agr.Sc; PhD, Equine Researchers

Mr James Bowden, New Zealand Racing Board
Mrs Justine Slater, New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders Association

Mr Colin Hall, New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing

Dr Erica Gee, Massey University

Mr Bruce Graham, New Zealand Standardbred Breeders' Association

Mrs Barbara Harvey, New Zealand Pony Clubs Association

Dr Tim Pearce,  Equestrian Sport New Zealand

Dr Noel Power, New Zealand Equine Veterinary Association

Mrs Natalie Gameson, Harness Racing New Zealand

Mr Allan Fenwick

Cotton Kelly, Palmerston North

PO Box 52
Palmerston North 4440

Telephone: (06) 356 4940
E-mail: nzerf@xtra.co.nz