Books produced by the NZERF

  • Strangles (3rd edtition) revised by John O'Flaherty, 2009
  • Artificial Breeding of Horses by T Bruce Taylor, 2009
  • Strangles (3rd edition, A. Britton and T. Mogg, 2004)
  • Genetics and the Horse by A Bowling and I Anderson
  • Transporting the Horse by Wally Niederer, 2001
  • Parasites and Horses (revised edition) by WAG Charleston, 2001
  • Tendon Strain in Horses by K Gibson, 1999
  • Understanding Reproduction in the Horse by CHG Irvine, 1997
  • Pastures for Horses by W Hunt, 1994.
  • Parasites and Horses by WAG Charleston, 1991

All enquiries regarding these books should be directed to:
NZ Equine Research Foundation (Attn Ms Bev Stern)
Manawatu Racing Centre
PO Box 52
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Phone: (06) 356 4940
Fax: (06) 354 2885