Support NZ Equine Research Foundation (NZERF)

Reasons why the NZ Equine Research Foundation (NZERF) should be vigorously supported by the NZ Horse Industry

  1. The NZ Equine Research Foundation (NZERF) should be supported by the NZ Horse Industry because today's knowledge is constantly being outdated and participants in successful industries must strive to update their knowledge consistently. The NZERF, through its educational activities, such as annual seminars, books, Bulletins, scholarships, web page and travel awards plays a pivotal role in helping to continually upgrade the knowledge of NZ Horse Industry participants. So much more could be done, however, with more funds e.g. further development of the web site to include the common disease and problems of NZ horses and how they are best managed, as well as the latest information from equine research performed in NZ.
  2. The NZERF also makes grants for research into the problems of our horses and by so doing provides the basic knowledge required to overcome these problems. But this research is expensive and more could be achieved if additional funds were available. It has recently been estimated for example, that relatively small improvements through research could save the NZ Horse Industry at least $17.2 to $24.2 million annually.
  3. To reach and maintain the highest international standards of performance, the NZ Horse Industry requires experts with specialised knowledge and an interest in the problems of our horses. The only way we can keep these experts in NZ is to provide them with the emoluments and types of facilities that are available overseas. The NZERF attempts to do this are hampered by insufficient funds.
  4. To remain amongst the top horse countries of the world the NZ Horse Industry needs to embrace advances in technology which increase our ability to make more accurate diagnoses and institute more precise treatment regimes. The NZERF helps to do this by providing grants for this purpose. However, most of these technologies are expensive and our grants are inadequate.
  5. The NZERF:
  • has within its structure many of the most experienced horse researchers and top administrators in the equine sector in NZ. The collective skills of these people enable it to make critical judgments on the value of research projects to the industry.
  • is recognized as an independent research organization that represents the entire horse industry.
  • has the capacity to attract funds from industry and non-industry sources by way of endowments, gifts, bequests and donations which are used for equine research and education.

It is for these reasons that your support is solicited.
Any Individual, Charitable Trust or Organisation wishing to support these activities should contact:
Allan Fenwick
New Zealand Equine Research Foundation
P O Box 52
Palmerston North 4440
Phone: 06 356 4940
Fax: 06 354 2885