Under Graduate Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships
NZ Equine Research Foundation  Application (PDF)
Two scholarships are provided annually to potential veterinarians who have a background in horses and who intend to become equine veterinarians . They are competed for on a competitive basis and are awarded to students in the final year of the BVSc course at Massey University. The aim of the scholarships is to help top undergraduates to pursue a horse-orientated career and thus provide, in future, top veterinarians with a passion for the industry.

2016 Anna McKenzie & Wilna Labuschagne

2015 Paula Radich & Rose Stalker

2014 Monica Commons & Alex Fowler

2011-2012  Sarah-Jayne Vincent and Jack O'Brien


2009-2010  Holly Andrewes and Robyn Graham

2008-2009  Alexandra Leander and Sophie Wigley

2007-2008  Kylie Huxford and Rebecca McKenzie

2004-2005  Corinne Cooper and Katie Shore

2003-2004 Virginia Brosnan and Emma Bishop