The “Young Achiever of the Year” Award

Thanks to the generous support of the Chittick Family and Waikato Stud, the New Zealand Equine Research Foundation has been proud to support this award since 2008.
This annual award of $15,000 was to assist an individual under the age of 35 years in their career in the equine industry. The Waikato Stud Young Achiever Award was made to the following recipients:
2008: Dr Harry Carslake, Massey University. Dr Carslake used the award to travel to the United Sates to complete his specialist training in equine medicine.
2010 Dr Francis Peat, Matamata Veterinary Services. The award assisted Dr Peat in undertaking a post-graduate diploma from Massey University and to travel to the USA to study diagnostic imaging and lameness in performance horses.
2011: Dr Lucy Cahill, Totally Vets, Palmerston North. As a result of this award, Dr Cahill undertook an internship with Dr Jane Axon at the Clovelly Intensive Care Unit, Scone Equine Hospital, Australia, specializing in intensive care of foals
We are fortunate that this sought after award can continue, thanks to the generosity of Valachi Downs Stud and Mr Kevin Hickman, who will support the "Valachi Downs Young Achiever Award" again in 2016. This award is made to a young (under 35 years) person wishing to pursue a career in the equine industry. Applications close on 31 October each year.
Applications will be accepted from, but not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • A post-graduate, masters or honours student undertaking study or research in an area of equine science
  • An individual pursuing any specialized equine study or course (including farriery)
  • An individual committed to embarking on a career in the equine industry
  • An individual already contributing to the equine industry who wishes to further their career

Applications are to be made on the “Valachi Downs Young Achiever” form. Applicants will be expected to show evidence of both their commitment to the equine industry and their other attributes that would make them appropriate recipients of this Young Achiever Award.